Our recent successful candidates
The successful graduates. From left: Myles Hustler, Michael Armstrong, Aaron Moody, Barry Critchlow, Peter Raynor, Joe Meinick and Brad Schechtman

The Filtrona Graduate Development Programme celebrates another successful year with seven Filtrona employees completing the two year course.

Employees who sign up for the course are expected to hold down their regular work commitments while following a structured curriculum covering modules in management, communication, finance, sales, marketing, leadership skills, strategic planning, presentation skills, supply chain management and cross cultural awareness.

Seven students from the UK and US travelled to attend courses in Nottingham, Jarrow, Seattle, Oxford, London and Boston. One participant, inventory analyst at Moss Peter Rayner commented, 'The overall experience was good though it was hard work; the courses are very tiring as the working days tend to be long. The courses acted as a good refresher from work and helped consider problems from a new angle. My colleagues on the course were extremely bright, fine individuals and they are what made the experience so enjoyable.'

Peter relished the opportunity to learn about other aspects of the business outside his own area of concentration and he valued the opportunity to exercise his communication and negotiation skills.

Graduates gave their final presentations on topics set by Moss Plastic Parts. The US graduates addressed the question 'How do we achieve the most cost effective and simple manufacture of both simple and complex samples for our customers?'

The UK graduates were set a different topic: 'Expansion in Eastern Europe: which countries should Filtrona move into?'

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